As a skin cancer survivor I found out the hard way that what you put on your skin does truly go in but I also found some information that most people just don’t know.  The United States has almost no restrictions on the cosmetic industry and companies can put just about anything in a bottle and sell it.  The companies in the U.S. that manufacture these products would be in violation of the law if they were to try to sell these products in Canada or most of Europe.  The United States is about 30 years behind when it comes to cosmetics as most of the ingredients we use here have been banned for decades in Europe.

Phthalates are known to cause a broad range of birth defects and reproductive problems when these chemicals are exposed during and after pregnancy, yet companies continue to use them.  These Phthalates are also known to have hormone-mimicking chemicals which can disrupt the normal hormone functions and is believed to increase the risk of breast cancer.

agedefyingMy younger sister has suffered from cystic acne all her life and now she is enduring chemo for breast cancer.  She expressed to me her anguish as she can no longer use acutane on her face and her acne is incredibly aggressive right now.  In addition she cannot use cosmetics either because of the Phthalates and so she expressed her embarrassment with her hair-loss, raging acne and inability to use cosmetics.  My heart ached for her and so I called Cherylanne DeVita to see if there is anything that can be done.

Although I am already a raving fan of DeVita Skincare, the founder Cherylanne DeVita has really helped me understand.   DeVita is a pure vegan skincare and cosmetic firm and has nothing that will interfere with her hormones or her chemo.  In addition to enlightening me she also took my sister’s  address and sent her a beautiful gift set with all of the DeVita skincare products.

DeVita Skincare and Cosmetics

My sister called me and was so choked up by not only Cherylanne’s generosity but that she said it was the first time her skin felt good in months.  She also went on to express how exquisite and elegant the packaging was.  DeVita products are amazing and two of the women I love most, my sister and daughter, now use them.  It’s rare in today’s world to find a company you can trust. I feel better knowing that there are CEO’s like Cherylanne who will take on the big cosmetic firms and do the right thing!