SmartFem’s Phoenix plastic surgery expert Dr. Richard Joseph Brown “Dr. Rick” continues our series on plastic surgery with the topic of consultations.

Kati Walker is the Patient Care Coordinator with Dr. Richard J. Brown’s plastic and reconstructive surgery practice.  Kati writes about what a patient can expect during a consultation with a plastic surgeon.

So, you have made the decision to get plastic surgery. Or maybe you are just considering it and want to speak with a professional first.

Going to see a plastic surgeon might be a scary thought for you. Hopefully we can ease those anxieties by explaining what happens at a plastic surgery consultation and what you can expect.

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By now, you should have already filled out your new patient packet, which tells us your medical history, insurance information, etc. If not, we will have you fill out some forms with basic demographic information in the main office. You will then be called back to meet with Dr. Brown’s nurse, and then Dr. Brown.

The Exam Room

You will be brought back to a comfortable examination room, where you will get to relax until until Dr. Brown’s nurse, Laura Gregg, comes in to see you. We are very prompt and strive to keep our wait times to a minimum.

Meeting Dr. Brown’s Registered Nurse

Laura will first discuss your reason for visiting the office. She will then go over your medical history, including medical conditions, current medications, past surgeries and allergies. She will also need to take down your vitals, including height, weight and blood pressure.


Dr. Richard Brown

Meeting Dr. Brown

Dr. Brown has a policy of professionalism, warmth and genuineness! Dr. Brown will take the necessary time to ensure he really understands your goals. He will also educate you on the benefits and risks of undergoing surgery.

Together, the two of you will outline expectations for your surgery as well as the results you are likely to receive.

Pricing and Scheduling

If this is a consultation for a cosmetic procedure, you will meet with me, the Patient Care Coordinator. I will sit down with you, answer any questions you have and present you with a custom quote.

The consultation should take about an hour. Dr. Brown is an educator first and foremost, and will spend ample time going over your options and outlining a surgical procedure designed to meet your goals.

“When we meet at your consultation I will listen to your concerns and questions,” Dr. Brown said. “I will spend as much time as needed to evaluate your situation and give you the best plan to reach your goals. I do my best to inform you of your options so that we can make the best treatment plan together.”

Dr. Richard Joseph Brown “Dr. Rick”  is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon serving the Phoenix, AZ area with practices located in Scottsdale, Arizona, as well as Sun City West.  Dr. Rick is an expert in the field of plastic surgery and frequently contributes to SmartFem.


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