Embracing Change In Life

The only constant thing in life is change. As the ancient philosopher Heraclitus said, “You could not step twice into the same river.”

Why do we fight it? At the fundamental level, our subconscious is always working to protect us.

Doubt, procrastination, rationale, and excuses all stem from a fear of change based on a combination of self-limiting beliefs set forth in childhood, along with fear of the unknown.

In other words, it’s a natural reaction to keep ourselves away from harm based on an ancient brain.

Change, however, is what separates us from the pack. If your goal is to be the best version of yourself, then it requires changes in the things you do daily.

Understanding the powers that hold you back can help you move forward, and, as a result, embrace the changes that will come.

Think of it this way – change is going to happen regardless, wouldn’t it be great to be able to control some of the outcome? Yes, it will require stepping out of the familiar, but nothing awesome ever happens when you don’t step out of your comfort zone.

The best way to overcome natural and normal fear is to take action.

Mel Robbins, a well known motivational speaker, created the 5 Second Rule based on scientific studies of human behavior.

The philosophy is when you are going back and forth on a decision you know you should say yes to in order to reach your goals, count backwards out loud from five and then take action immediately. Do not give your brain the chance to resist.

The only way to overcome fear is to face it. The best way to overcome doubt is to take action. The more you practice the easier it gets, and the more successful you will feel.

Building self confidence is a daily task comprised of daily tasks. Ask yourself, “Is what I’m doing getting me closer to my goals?” If the answer is no, change it. 

Everyday you are presented with thousands of choices. Those choices move you closer or further away from what you want. Choose wisely!