We live in a consumer-driven world, and the latest and greatest invention to hit the workout world is a simple design meant specifically for women.

It’s called the Booband, the breast support band for busty women to wear during their workouts.

The London based company created the band to help prevent premature sagging and pain associated with larger breasts. Many busty women find it difficult to receive enough support from sports bras alone, and the Booband is meant to help add the extra support women need.

The science behind how the band works is the band helps eliminate women’s breasts from bouncing during their workout, which puts tension on the ligaments in the breasts, as well as cause pain and stress to the tissues.

The movement causes the Cooper’s ligament to stretch out. This ligament is what holds the breasts up, and is the same ligament that decreases in strength over time, causing breasts to eventually droop.

The band, worn just on top of the breasts, helps stop the tension from happening during a workout, eliminating the movement and stress while no longer putting any more weight on the Cooper’s ligaments.

As a result, premature drooping is hopefully prevented since the stress and strain that occurs when women run, workout or do high impact activities is no longer being placed on the breasts.

The band can be worn under or on top of any workout tank or shirt, but is meant to be worn over a supportive sports bra. The bands are currently only available in the UK but online orders are accepted and shipped to the US.

The bands retail for $21 plus $2.95 for shipping and handling. Most orders are complete within 5 to 10 business days.

For more information check out their website by clicking here.