DermaplaningIf you are like me and have limited time but want to look your best with no down time, then Dermaplaning is the perfect procedure. I like this procedure so much as it won’t break the bank, provides instant gratification, and it’s a perfect little pick-me-up when you need one! Here are just a few of the perks with Dermaplaning:

Perk #1: Beautiful, Even Skin Tone

Dermaplaning is perfect for uncovering new skin, complexion, and tone. Dead skin cells can accumulate after time and can leave the skin looking uneven and blotchy. Dermaplaning uses a surgical blade to gently scrape off old, dead skin cells, which not only reveals new skin but allows for better penetration of your skincare products. I have also found that it cuts my “getting ready” time down significantly because my skin is so soft and smooth to begin with.

Perk #2: Hair RemovalImaj Institute

Dermaplaning uses a surgical blade in this procedure and therefore your skin becomes instantly smooth and hair-free. I really love this as it gets rid of the “peach fuzz” hairs and makes your skincare products and make up go on much smoother. It also doesn’t result in hair growing back thicker of darker despite what your mom and grandma may have said.

Perk #3: Fine Wrinkles Gone

A dermaplane facial gets rid of tiny fine lines and wrinkles that can begin over time. It doesn’t have the ability to remove deep wrinkles or scars but it does have the ability to create the appearance of softer smoother skin which can last up to six months with proper maintenance.

Perk #4: No Risk

The only risk of using a sharp surgical blade is that, once in awhile, a nick can happen… but hey, it’s a lot like shaving. Some people experience skin sensitivity, but for the most part makeup can be applied right away.Lea and dermaplanning

Perk #5: It Is Long Lasting

This procedure removes up to 21 days of accumulated dead skin cells, and with proper at-home maintenance of the skin, this procedure can last up to six months.

So if you find that you need a quick pick-me-up for the Holidays, call and schedule your dermaplane facial. Isn’t it time you pampered yourself a little?