It’s October, and we’re all back to our busy fall schedules. Summer vacations are over, school is back in session, and it’s only going to get busier as we approach the holiday season. Hard to believe that starts next month.

Now is the time I make a conscious decision to harness the soothing power of calm. Is there anything more attractive than a serene and tranquil mature woman? Cultivating serenity is the greatest anti-ager of all. It’s a very effective way to level the playing field with young and naturally gorgeous girls. Kind of takes you out of being compared physically to them at all. It benefits not only ourselves, but also everyone who comes into our orbit.

I found an easy way to serenity: I stopped multitasking and that was it. The calming effect was instant. Recent research has found that we only have pleasure (an attribute of serenity for me) if we are focused on one task at a time, whether that task is making a meal, writing a report for work, or listening to your child’s stories. Doesn’t matter what the task is. What does matter is that we bring our full attention to whatever task is at hand. Not surprisingly, other studies have found that those tasks performed with single focus are completed much more thoroughly and accurately as well. That makes you feel good, too, and adds to a more consistent equanimity.

Doing less, rather than more, is always the answer for the allure of calm for me.

If you are in Phoenix the weekend of October 13 – 14, don’t miss this Arizona Ultimate Women’s Expo. Both Smartfem and I are having booths. It is fabulous! An entire convention center devoted to everything we women need, want and enjoy!