How The Ten Year Challenge Is Shedding Light On Climate Change

By now you’ve probably seen the Ten Year Challenge circulating around social media. Between Facebook and Instagram, people are sharing photos comparing themselves from ten years ago versus current date.

As celebs and social media users post photos of themselves side by side, others are choosing to bring awareness to something a little more concerning than the aging process. And that’s climate change.

Conservationists, scientists, and anyone who is worried about the future of the planet are choosing to post a series of photos depicting what the planet looked like ten years ago versus today.

And the results are really shocking.

Seeing the comparison helps put into perspective just how much change has occurred due to a warming planet, especially in areas such as the Arctic and its melting glaciers.

Other examples include forest devastation in the Amazon, the dying of the Great Barrier Reef, plastic-filled oceans, and rivers that are slowly drying up.

It’s no secret that climate change has been a hot topic regarding the future of our planet and it’s sustainability. Specifically regarding the extreme contamination of the world’s oceans and its impact on marine life.

While environmentalists use alarming photos to help gain awareness about the seriousness of the problem, others might still feel the probability of climate change having a massive impact is still far out of reach, should it even happen at all.

The important thing to remember is climate change is real. It’s a proven fact that our current behaviors are warming the planet at a rate that is alarming.

It’s real that the Arctic is loosing six times the amount of ice it did decades ago. It is also reality that the oceans are overcome by micro-plastics, and marines life found washed on shore are filled with plastic bags and other garbage.

So perhaps this ten year challenge it worth seriously taking a look at.