Is Laser Rejuvenation safe?  WeWoman with Headachell I guess it depends on who is operating the laser. I must admit that I have had several laser treatments and they have always been absolutely fabulous. However, one of my dear friends went to her own esthetician and was horribly burned. It made me wonder… are lasers safe?   After seeing my friend’s injury I decided to do a little research on the subject for SmartFem, and I was alarmed at the results.

Lasers are safe in the hands of highly trained professionals with a license. However you must be sure that your technician is indeed licensed. The medical spa industry is booming and so are the schools that train these so called technicians. However many of these schools are not accredited nor licensed. I recently had the opportunity to talk to Gary Begley, of IMAj Institute, a licensed and accredited school right here Scottsdale to find out the real facts. I was impressed with his honesty about some of the problems in the industry. you must be sure that your technician is indeed licensed

IMAj is an Arizona State Certified Laser Technician Training Course provider, as authorized by the Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency  (ARRA). There are many schools that offer a certification for students with a two-week course. Gary explained to me that it simply was not enough time for the students to meet their scheduled (required?) lab hours.  In 2008 Mr. Begley, the President of IMAj Institute, was appointed to the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology by Governor Janet Napolitano to provide leadership to the aesthetics community.

One of the other problems with these non-accredited schools is that they lure unsuspecting students into these expensive non-accredited programs. Which leave students with emptied bank accounts and unable to secure jobs in license facilities.

Laser resurfacing can be safe as long as it is performed in the skilled hands of someone with proper training.  Also, if you or someone you know is considering a career as an esthetician or laser technician, do your due diligence as not all schools are the same.