Meal Prep Companies Offer Clean Eating, Convenience

Meal Prep Companies Offer Clean Eating, ConvenienceThe health nut in me wants to do yoga and then meal prep for the next week. The lazy girl inside of me wants to watch Hulu for 24 hours and eat Taco Bell. To counter my binge-watch induced apathy while still maintaining a semblance of a healthy lifestyle, I have discovered my ultimate savior: meal prep companies.

From fitness junkies to on-the-go moms and even lazy girls like me, meal prep companies have us in the palms of their hands. Who has the time to blacken enough salmon for five days? Who wants to clean the grill after a chicken and asparagus cookout? As Eat Fit Go, Fresh n’ Lean, Feast Mode Meal Prep, etc. all know, people are busy and we all wish we had personal chefs to create healthy meals without spending big bucks.

After the closure of My Fit Foods earlier this year,  Scottsdale residents are literally hungry for healthy meals with little to no effort involved.

Eat Fit Go recently opened a location near the 101 and Scottsdale road. Seeing as it is a brand-new location in a brand-new complex undergoing construction, it is easy to miss. For those familiar with the company (there is also a location at the Waterfront in Scottsdale adjacent to Fashion Square Mall), Eat Fit Go doubles as a restaurant and a shop where you can simply grab a meal from the Costco sized refrigerators and head back to work. Both locations have a station with utensils and a few microwaves if you want to take your lunch meeting at one of the tables provided inside.

Scottsdale and Tempe are metropolitan areas where mothers, students, and business women and men are constantly running out of time to run errands. These services strive for convenience, and many meal prep companies also offer delivery based on how much you are ordering.

For example, Fresh n’ Lean offers delivery with a selection of one of their meal plans. One can select lunch only for a week, lunch and dinner, or all three meals delivered to you on Fridays.Meal Prep Companies Offer Clean Eating, Convenience

Eat Fit Go offers discounted meal plans for either pick up or delivery. Feast Mode Meal Prep delivers Mondays as long as the order is made on Saturday.

There are dozens of other options in the Phoenix-Scottsdale areas, it is just a matter of finding the right program. Feast Mode specializes in protein based meals. Eat Fit Go has the calorie count and nutrition facts available online for people counting. Fresh n’ Lean even offers customization options for people with dietary restrictions.

You get what you pay for when it comes to meal prep sites. Individual meals range from $9-$13. Always inquire about meal plans and programs as most companies offer discounted rates for buying a week’s worth of food.

Now all of this may sound enticing and too good to be true. Someone to bring me delicious, healthy meals… and I don’t have to do anything except have money, a computer and a microwave? Yes, it is that simple. This is a service that we have long waited for. A healthy version of UberEats, where you don’t have to go outside to meet the driver to grab your 2 am Taco Bell in shame. You don’t have to hide your excitement.