The Common Factors Happy People Share

They say money doesn’t buy happiness, but is that really true?

According to researchers, people are in control of 40 percent of their happiness, so if money makes most people happy, perhaps money can buy happiness.

The remaining 60 percent is dependent on genetic factors and external circumstances, but there are nine commonalities all happy people seem to have, according to Business Insider.

The first factor is healthy relationships. The study followed hundreds of men for 70 years and found one factor to their happiness was cultivating and keeping strong, healthy relationships with loved ones and friends.

Surprisingly, people said having more personal time made them happier over having more money. The study concluded more people prefer having time over dollars.

Keeping in line with having personal time, the study showed people who take time to vacation and slow down reported being happier.

Staying active and healthy helped keep people’s happiness high on the happiness scale. Exercise, participating in outdoor activities, and staying active all helped boost people’s happiness.

Meditation also ranked as one of the common factors responsible for people’s happiness.

That being said, people who earned $75,000 dollars or more a year reported being happier because of financial stability. The big winner here was being able to safely and comfortably pay their bills.

But having some wiggle room with their finances also allows people to take fun vacations. The study showed people preferred to spend their money on experiences over material items. 

Social and charitable activities take the cake for the remaining factors. Those who participated in random acts of kindness such as a charity function or Habitat for Humanity reported being happy people.

But overall, the biggest factor seemed to be spending quality time making meaningful relationships through social interactions. Getting out, meeting new people, and forming friendships that are of quality and substance had a great effect on making people happy.