Article originally published on Girfriends Galore AZ Blog.

Really? – A fabulous woman? – And you’re probably saying – “Not me…that’s for sure”.  To which we say, “Yes, you are fabulous”.  You don’t need to be a movie star or an earthshaking bomb-shell or president of a company.  What you do need to be, is you!

Do you have rough edges that you know you would like to soften? Or are you a little tense in social situations? Are you embarrassed by your appearance or the way you speak? Do you wish you were more spontaneous with the things you long to do?  All of these things can be overcome.

Here are items spotlighted in what makes up a fabulous woman:

Confidence – Being completely confident in the feminine woman you are, is absolutely necessary to succeed in whatever you choose to do. TIP: If you’re nervous about an upcoming event, take time to really concentrate on what outcome you want to have – then RELAX!

Centered Mindset – Being fabulous includes being focused on what you want.  TIP: don’t be afraid to study and emulate other powerful, fabulous women you admire.  Even role-playing with a friend can be a fun way to build on that focus.

Charisma – A truly fabulous woman knows how to be charismatic in any situation.  It’s in building your confidence that you will find yourself able to handle a situation with grace and charm. People will always want to know a person who is truly and sincerely charming. Some words associated with charming include lovely, delightful and fascinating. TIP: Above all is the key word “sincere”.

Poise – A fabulous woman is capable of being two times the woman of other women and able to smooth over any unfriendly situations, promoting cooperation and harmony. TIP: Watch how other women handle difficult situations and follow their lead. One of the most critical parts of a fabulous woman is her ability to share from a place of plenty and real power, without using mannish behavior and ways.

Look after yourself – A healthy diet, regular relaxation and exercise are all pieces of the puzzle to that step of making yourself over in to the fabulous woman we all know may be hiding right beneath that shy smile.

This is a video of a gal from Montana who went to reVamp! Salonspa in Minneapolis and it made a “wow” difference!  Even her husband could only say “wow”.  We have a favorite salon here in Phoenix, Patricia Burkhardt Mitchell’s Sincerely Yours Salon.  Do you have a favorite?

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