Five Internet Browser Extensions to Simplify Your Life

As a busy mom, wife, and working professional, I’m always looking for the best tools to help me simplify my life and boost my productivity. Like many of you out there, I spend a lot (maybe too much) time in front of my computer. Whether it’s work, personal travel plans, or emailing my daughter’s teacher, it’s safe to say a big part of my day is spent sitting across from a screen.

After countless hours spent browsing the internet, I’ve come across a fair share of browser extensions that have helped me save money, time, and several headaches. Below is my list of the top five internet browser extensions to simplify your life.


Whether you’re a copywriter like me, or the only writing you find yourself doing is to your pen pal across the country, Grammarly makes editing your writing a breeze. The free tool and browser extension scans your writing for grammatical errors, among other things. Just when I think I’ve done all the editing myself, I run it through Grammarly and it finds the smallest edits that make the biggest difference.

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If you’re like me, then you probably love saving money wherever possible. This usually means couponing for the best deal. Well, the days of clipping coupons are over thanks to Honey. Honey searches for the best coupon or deal through the site you’re shopping on. I used to have through dig through promo emails or search the web for the best coupon codes. Now, I click the h on the corner of my browser, and Honey does the heavy lifting for me.

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When it comes to getting cashback for your online purchases, I feel like I am extremely late to the game. I’ve heard of these options in the past but always thought they were a scam. When I learned about BeFrugal and how easy it was to use, I quickly downloaded the browser extension and started shopping.

Like with Honey, as I’m getting ready to check out, I click the little piggy bank on the corner of my browser and get up to 12% back on qualifying purchases.

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If you constantly find yourself typing the same emails and responses, you can save a lot of valuable time by using TextExpander. This tool isn’t free, it’ll set you back about $4 a month, but depending on how much time you spend writing the same thing over and over again, it might just be the best $4 you have ever spent. This tool allows you to use shortcuts for your typing, for example, you can type ‘;thanks’, and TextExpander will populate your complete email.

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Speaking of time and productivity, one of the best things you can do for a boost in efficiency is taking breaks. Forest is an app and browser extension that motivates you to work in 30-minute increments. You focus for 25 minutes and take a break for 5. When you’re ready to focus, you plant a tree. That tree will grow while you focus on your work but will die if you leave the app.

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