With the coming of a new year brings the anticipation of new music. Who is going to release a new album? Will their singles actually be the best songs from said album? Are we really even going to like it?

Here are the albums that SmartFem is most excited for.

Lady Gaga. Born This Way. 5.23.
Her insane outfits. Her political standpoints. Her music. [Reason why we love Lady Gaga]. With The Fame Monster receiving four Platinum awards and releasing three chart-topping singles, we can’t wait to see what her next album will bring.

Britney Spears. [TBD]. March.
She made it through her crazy years and came out strong with Circus. Now, with her head (and hair…) back in the game, Spears tweets that she is “IN L-O-V-E” with the new album. Catch the first single, ‘Hold it Against Me,’ already on the airwaves.

Green Day. Awesome as F**k. 3.15.
This two disc-set is part live album, part DVD of Green Day’s 21-Century Breakdown Tour. The band started recording their concerts from the very beginning of their tour and now, for those of us who couldn’t afford to go to the rock extravaganza, we get to watch it on our big-screen TV’s – er – laptops.

Panic! At the Disco. Vices and Virtues. 3.29.
Their first album brought techno beats. Their second album brought love songs, violins and pianos. With only two members left, we wonder what this masterpiece will be like.

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