Award shows are here to praise actors, screenwriter, directors and so many more. But for the rest of the world – the non-celebrity world – award shows are here so we can judge the red-carpet fashion.

This year, the celebrities decided to take it to a different level… a terrible level. With wardrobes using ponchos, flower-power dresses, the 80s puff sleeve and mis-matched shoes, we can’t help but mock the many [and praise the few] who attended to Golden Globes.

The Worst:

Nicole Kidman – The love that fills air for her going back to her roots as a redhead is strong, and stops there. Why she would pick yellow/beige/egg white as a dress for that, albeit beautiful but, fair complexion is a great mystery. On top of that, the dress itself is incredibly unflattering to her figure.

Halle Berry – Not to sound rude, but was she worried there would be no time to change from the award show to the hotel room? First there’s the brassiere sewn into the corset bodice. Then, the mini-skirt. Last, we have the see-through open cover for said mini-skirt. Oh dear.

Julianne Moore – We have one – no, make that two questions for you, Julianne. Why is there a large sleeve coming out of your neck and why would you choose pink when it is obviously a color that you cannot pull off? There is just far too much going on for an approval.

The Best:

Olivia Wilde – What isn’t awesome about her dress? The princess-cut. The full to fading sparkles. The tooling. It’s love.

Catherin Zeta Jones – Stunning. Absolutely stunning.

Kevin McHale – Not only do we love his adorable glasses, but he looked ballin’ with the polka dot blazer, black bowtie and the black button.