Young Couple Sharing Special Moment and PresentDating can be treacherous- having to put yourself out there to a complete stranger in hopes that you will find one another attractive. Whether it’s eating dinner at a romantic restaurant, going to a movie, or simply just “hanging out;” there are tons of opportunities for this exchange to go horribly… horribly wrong. But, some of these catastrophic dates make to be interesting stories, as well as, life lessons for those who are involved.

I have taken it upon myself to ask my fellow girlfriends if I could share their dating fiasco’s with all of you SmartFem readers. I hope you enjoy this particular story that I have titled…

“Too Much Time so Little Interest.”

My friend had this brilliant idea of setting me up with her boyfriend’s best friend. She had talked this guy up so much that I allowed her to give him my number. We had a few conversations via text and agreed to meet up a week later in Newport, California for dinner. My friend had previously told me that the guy (we will refer to him as Tyler for reading purposes) was an amazing, tall, blonde, blue eyed boy. Tyler seemed mature in our text messages so I was really excited to hang out with him.

On the night of our date I found myself waiting on the pier for him…he was late! When he finally walked up to me he was not what I was told. Yes, he was blond and blue eyed; but he was barely taller than my 5 foot 2 inch self and dressed a little too metro sexual for my taste. However, I thought “no biggie, this could still be fun.” But then, he opened his mouth to talk. It all went downhill from there.

He was the most self centered, egotistical person I have ever met. He kept talking about his “retail job” at Apple as if it he was the CEO of the entire company…Steve Jobs had nothing on him. A master on every subject we discussed…even if he truly knew nothing about it. I just wanted to tape his mouth shut! our “dinner date” I went into the bathroom. I slammed the toilet seat down and sat there; hoping that if I squeezed my eyes shut and clicked my heels three times I would magically vanish from this scene. “There’s no place like home…there’s no place like home….there’s no place like home,” I repeated, but nothing happened. After my failed experiment I contemplated having my friend call me with an imaginary emergency or making a quick escape out of the bathroom window. I ended up deciding to just go back to the dinner and eat my food as fast as humanly possible. So…I scarfed down my food and chugged two beers; all while keeping up the facade that I wasn’t wishing for sweet death to take me away. After we went “dutch” on the bill I said to him “well…I  should get going, my parking meter is almost up.”

We never spoke again. 

So…what does this story teach us? Never trust our friends opinions, that’s for sure! Maybe never is too extreme but definitely tread with caution. I am sure there are many more life altering dates out there! Does anyone else have a disaster date story to share? I can’t wait to hear and discuss them all.