Don’t Ask A Woman When She Plans On Having Kids

News flash, not all women want children. Guess what? That’s okay!

It’s time we stop asking women who don’t have kids when they plan on having them. It’s irrelevant, and quite frankly it gets old and boring to have to answer such an insignificant question.

The question is insignificant because women are more than just mothers. Don’t get me wrong, being a mother is a wonderful journey, but for some women it’s a journey they either choose to not embark on or cannot participate in.

But women who are mothers are more than that, too. They are CEOs, leaders, or politicians. And women who are not mothers are also business owners, providers and bosses in their own right.

Gone are the days when women were forced by the stigma society placed on them to sit home and claim no personal identity other than being a dutiful wife to their husband.

Today, women are free to be whomever they choose to be, and for some that means leading a life that does not include a husband or children.

It’s time we learn that whatever choice is made it’s a choice that is perfectly acceptable. It’s a personal decision that is singular to the individual and their personal life.

And for some women bearing children might not be an option, and no woman should be made to feel insignificant, less than, or inferior because of it.

The point is every woman is entitled to lead her own life as she sees fit, and no woman should ever feel like she has to answer to questions about when she’s having kids or why she isn’t married yet and without children.

There are so many other wonderful question you can ask a woman other than her marital status and if she is a mother. Ask her about her business that she built from the ground up, or start a conversation about her wonderful time spent traveling around the world.

Women are wonderful beings, children or no children.