datingDating. The very thought of it gives me anxiety. I am at a point in my life where people start to wonder why I am 28-years-old and single.

My mom says it’s because I am too busy with my career, my best friend claims it’s because ‘“he” does not live in this state, and my co-workers say it’s because I am too mature for my age group.

But if you want my opinion I believe I am single because A) I want to be, and B) because I feel there is no such thing as dating anymore.

There was a time when dating meant to court someone. Now, dating means jumping in the sack with someone after one dinner. Call me old fashioned but I believe dating has turned into one giant hook-up, with more adults looking for a quick fix and moving on.

Although I was never looking to settle down right away, I appreciate monogamous relationships. I am not what you would call a serial dater, but it seems that’s the new trend.

Apps such as Tinder, or dating sites like Plenty of Fish, have turned dating into a game where each person sells themselves through their online profile in hopes that it will intrigue someone enough to start a conversation with them. Don’t like what you see? You’re free to move on to the next. It’s like constantly test driving a car, why buy the model when you can drive it around for free? Especially when a new and improved model could be right around the corner.

It’s almost as though an epidemic has spread across dating adults. FOMO, or the fear of missing out, has spread like wild fire, and the desire to give something a go has been overturned by the fact that something better is guaranteed to come along.

It’s too easy to walk away from petty dislikes of another person when you know your online dating site can match you with someone else the second you get home from your date.

This is purely my opinion, and I have been urged by friends to try online dating, in fact I know a few people who met their signifiant other via online sites like I’m not saying they can’t work, I’m just saying it doesn’t work for me.

I have been told online is a great way to take control of your dating life, and put yourself out there while shouting, “This is who I meeting-onlineam, take it or leave it!” I can see this side, but my heart tells me to wait for something to happen organically, and if it’s meant to be, it will be.

I like being single, I enjoy being able to focus on myself and my goals. Perhaps that’s the other reason why dating isn’t really working out for me, I am just not that interested in settling down.

And I tried Tinder once, for a piece I was reporting on, and I was sent the creepiest messages I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading.