woman.smiling.workYou may be wondering why it’s important to be independent. What for? You will constantly be surrounded by people for the rest of your life, right? This may be true but who says those people will always have your best interests in mind.

Regardless of your age, the people around you right now may not always be there. Think about it. Are the friends you had when you were 10 still your friends now…? Is the boyfriend you had when you were 17 still your boyfriend now…? Is the life you thought you were going to live when you were in your 20’s the life you are living now…? Probably not.

We never know what is going to come our way and it’s important to be able to take on anything that does. Women-try not to rely on people for everything! To pay your bills, be your support system, and give you advice for your life. It’s your life and you need to make sure you are independent enough to live it the right way.

In order to become a strong independent woman you need to:

Live for yourself– This may at first sound selfish but it isn’t. In relationships it’s easy to invest too much of yourself! Arsingle.woman.e you constantly checking your phone for calls or texts from your significant other or making sure you do everything possible to make sure your significant other is happier than you…? In this way we start living for our partner as opposed to living for ourselves. If that relationship ends…then what? What do you do?

Be prepared- Make sure you can accept any situation that arises and be able to adapt to it. Like I said, you never know what life is going to throw you.  It’s better to be prepared than not. A part of being independent means that you can welcome any change and not let it defeat you.

Get and keep your ducks in a row- Be financially independent as much as you possibly can. You can want a man for emotional support and love but don’t let yourself become dependent on his wallet.

We live in a world where women aren’t expected to rely solely on men or anyone for that matter. Finding a husband isn’t the main ingredient for creating a beautiful life for yourself. Remember that and you will become a strong and independent women!