Love is All Around You…Are you Being Magnetic?

Couple taking photos.I was recently privileged to be a panelist on the Great Love Debate 2014 Tour here in Scottsdale.  Single men and women of varying ages were there to answer the question, “Why are you still single?”  A common reason for not having that ultimate partner, is because you are often unaware of the potential partners around you…waiting for someone to contact you through an online dating service or waiting for someone else to approach you.

The message from this event is to empower yourself now!  Yes, you become more attractive and it becomes easier to create relationships when you notice the many people around you daily and engage them with verbal and nonverbal behaviors.  You are the one initiating through eye contact, smiling, gesturing the person to come forward, or starting the conversationIt’s time to toss the old rules that undermine your success – the ones that revolve around women not initiating contact and waiting for the man to start the conversation or ask you out.


Are you irresistible to those you meet?

 Men are attracted to you when you can be fully accepting and loving of yourself which are displayed in your behaviors and attitudes:

  • Approachability;
  • Being confident and relaxed within yourself;
  • Attracting and maintaining healthy relationships;
  • Being trusting of your partner;
  • Being authentic and able to fully share yourself at deeper levels to connect more easily with others; and
  • Allowing yourself to experience loving words, affection, and passionate intimacy.


???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Do you know how to start conversations?  Do you feel at ease around men, or do you mistrust men due to past experiences of being rejected or cheated on?  How do you break down physical and emotional barriers?  Are you afraid to show affection too quickly for fear that you’ll feel the pain again of unrequited love?

In creating a best you, make a commitment to yourself to let go of past pain and misgivings about your choices and actions.  This involves honesty about your feelings and mistakes to move on.  Second, forgive yourself.  It’s time to start over to embrace the lovable you, which instantly radiates to others around you.

Third, learn and practice your skills of the different ways of starting conversations, making introductions, and fine-tuning your listening and communication skills.  To take your relationship to deeper levels, it’s important to connect with an individual quickly.  This takes skills in eye contact, facilitating the other’s disclosures, letting him know that you understand and encourage his sharing of interests, feelings, and messages, and disclosing your own personal experiences, interests, preferences, and feelings.

May you enjoy your power to open a whole new world to meet and engage others with your irresistible attraction and energy.

Dr. Mamiko Odegard, the celebrated love, relationship, and performance expert, has long used her unique ACT on Love™ concept to benefit thousands of individuals and couples – helping them find love, happiness and success.


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  • Would you like to captivate men by the ways you listen and respond to them?
  • Do you want to increase your “attract-ability” IQ?
  • Are you ready to have a man in your life?

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