Spring Clean Your Life: Get Rid of Toxic Relationships

The weather in most parts of Arizona is idyllic right now in this Spring of 2018. Arizonans know that this means it is time to get outdoors, go out at night, plan hikes, attend events, and explore the state we love. Spring can be a lovely time in our Southwestern desert. With all of these amazing and fun things to do, who are you planning on inviting to take these adventures with you?

Spring is the time for friendship, so evaluate your own friends list. Make sure all of the people you consider your friends are actually your friends! This year, if you make any resolution, resolve to care about yourself to know when to leave a toxic friendship or relationship.

Toxic relationships are sometimes hard to recognize on the surface. It doesn’t have to be as explicit as verbally putting you down, signs of a toxic relationship can be more nuanced. That is not to say that the “toxic” person is evil, or intentionally plotting your demise. These people may simply be self-centered people, or even people that are too busy for you. Here are some signs you may be in a toxic friendship:

  • You always do the activity the other person wants to do
  • This person constantly interrupts or talks over you
  • They will ask you for help and feedback, but when you ask for help, they are too busy
  • Unresponsive to your calls and messages, but expects you to answer every time
  • Remains uninterested in your success, or undercuts you when you tell them good news
  • Expects you to constantly do personal favors (babysitting, picking up kids, etc) for little or no compensation

Some of these things individually do not sound like necessarily “toxic” behaviors, but if one of your friends exhibits two or more of these actions, they may the unhealthy element in your life or social life.

Evaluating your relationships may sound just as bad, if not worse, than spring cleaning—but for you mental and emotional health, it will be worthwhile.