Traits That Make For a Successful Employee

Standing out from the crowd at work can help you elevate your career to the next level and receive a promotion you worked hard for.

Being a successful employee has to do with more than just showing up to work and getting the job done. There are other qualities employees who stand out and forge a path for success possess.

Here are the common traits successful employees all have, according to NowThis Money and Chase.

Strong communication skills

Employees who have strong communication skills excel within the workforce because they are able to clearly and effectively communicate exactly what they need to delegate. Having the ability to express yourself and listen to others makes for an efficient work environment where tasks are properly handled and completed.

Positive attitude

Having a positive attitude not only makes for a pleasant work environment, it also helps with team moral. Overall, those who demonstrate a can-do and positive attitude show their ability to handle tasks with ease and a sense of humor, and to create and maintain a happy and healthy work atmosphere for not only themselves, but for their co-workers as well.

Open and willing to receive feedback or constructive criticism

Those who take and use constructive criticism to their advantage make desirable employees because it shows a willingness to work with others, be a team player, and improve and learn throughout their career. By accepting feedback from others and not taking personally, it create a workforce that is willing to learn and adapt to changes that come up along the way.


Being flexible and willing to go with the flow shows adaptability and someone who can grow and change with the company, as oppose to someone who will remain stagnant or grow out of the company. Flexibility in an employee translates to someone who is willing to hear and implement new ideas, change procedures for the betterment and growth of the company, and remain someone who will successfully move forward and fill promotions as they become available.

By adopting these qualities it shows a willingness to learn and advance forward all while being someone who can positively represent the company and what it stands for.