dinner. date. wineWho pays for who? A question I know we have all constantly asked ourselves. Whether out with our significant other, friend, colleague, or a group of friends…who takes out their wallet to pay?

Romantic Setting

Ladies-if you are going on a date with a guy do you expect him to pick up the tab? I have asked a few of my girlfriends and they say yes, absolutely, without a doubt! I agree. But, what if he wasn’t the one who asked you out? What if you mustered up the courage to ask out your crush; does he still pay for the meal?

Let’s say you and your boyfriend have been together for a few months. You spend most of your free time together and naturally that includes most of your meals. Do you expect your boyfriend to pay for every breakfast, lunch, and dinner you share? Yes, absolutely, without a doubt, I still hear. But, I am not sure if I agree. Unless you have a shared bank account then it probably doesn’t matter who takes out their wallet first. But, if you don’t, is it wise to expect a guy to constantly pay for your and his food…every. single. time. you go out?

Friendly Setting

What happens when you are with a group of people? So many times I have gone out with friends who don’t know the meaning of going “dutch” on the bill. They order a bunch of food and alcohol and once the bill comes they tell the waiter to just split it equally. Hmmmm. If everyone’s meal cost the exact same then sure! Let’s split it evenly! But, that is usually never the case. There is always those few people who order the most expensive item on the menu but still expect you to pay for it.  Now, as a new member of the adult world, spending my money on someone else’s meal doesn’t make me happy.

Young people eating sushi in Asian restaurant

Professional Setting

How many of us actually “hang out” with our co workers? Maybe not after 5 o’clock but sometimes during a casual lunch break. If you have meals with your co workers or maybe even close friends, do you take turns picking up the check? Why not? You see the person on a regular basis. And chances are you will probably go to lunch with each other again. And let’s say they order something costly when you are paying for them. Next time, order something just as costly when the tables have turned.

If you ask me, I think it’s safe to just simply pay for what you ordered. Of course I expect the guy to pay for our first date meal. The occasional treat from a significant other or friend would be appreciated. But, food is expensive and I can’t always expect someone to take care of the bill for me.