Why Arguing Is Healthy For Your Relationship

Do you ever fear that having an argument with your partner is a sign things are going south?

Well, have no fear. Research shows arguing with your significant other is actually one of the key building blocks to forging a strong and lasting relationship, according to News.com.au.

Before we dig into why arguing is healthy, let’s first explain that “arguing” means two intelligent people having a safe and healthy disagreement.

“Arguing” does not mean throwing plates, physically assaulting one another, or having the police called. It means disagreeing on a topic and explaining your differences to each other.

Now let’s get into why arguing is healthy.

For starters, when two people argue it shows they are able to communicate their feelings without bottling them up inside until one day they explode.

Disagreements are bound to happen in any relationship, and choosing to effectively communicate why you are upset or bothered is key in helping your partner understand your point of view.

After all, it’s understanding each other and respecting each other’s differences that helps foster trust within a relationship. And we all know if you trust your partner you are on the road to a lasting partnership.

Another reason why arguments are healthy is because they help create confidence in the relationship and the two people within it.

When partners argue, they are showing they are not afraid to let their guard down or stand up for something they believe in. By disagreeing with the person you love, you are showing them you are not afraid to have your own opinions and express them.

Not only does this build confidence in yourself for standing your ground, it also gives your partner confidence in your ability to vocalize your opinions.

Lastly, arguing helps build trust and confidence while showing both parties are committed to making things work. By debating a topic you are showing that you would rather work on finding a solution than just walking away.

Let’s face it, it’s always easier to just turn and walk away, but the pair who chooses to fight it out and find common ground are the ones who choose the relationship over the easy way out.

The amazing thing is not only are arguments healthy for a relationship, but they are healthy in any relationship, be it a lover or a best friend.

So the next time you are concerned that you and your lover or best friend are arguing too much, remember, arguments are actually healthy, and there is nothing wrong in having a discussion about your relationship and how important it is to you.

Maybe you both will discover why you’re arguing so much and not only find a resolution, but a stronger relationship because of it.