young.girl.studious.It may seem like a lot has changed. Women are able to be studios creatures; receive higher education, achieve good grades, and obtain high
paying jobs. But, I feel as if there is still a stigma when it comes to women being educated. Because, yes you can go to college but there is still a spoken thought that you will get married. Hopefully to a man wealthy enough for you to never have to work; and if you did choose to work it would be a job paying quite less than your spouse.

These young girls going to college in hopes to find a spouse, makes one wonder where the tuition is really going. Thousands and thousands of dollars wasted so woman can disregard their studies and put their main focus on finding a suitable mate? It’s called the “Mrs. Degree” and some go to college fully expecting to graduate with it.

Is it bad to date while in college? No. Should that be the focus of going? I really don’t think so. You want to be a wife and a mother, there is nothing wrong with that. I completely understand that college may be the hunting ground for your soulmate. But, wouldn’t it be nice to be an educated wife and mother? To learn from you classes and life experiences in a way that allows you to gain knowledge. With this knowledge you don’t have to run for president, if you want to be a homemaker there is nothing wrong with that! But, having learned knowledge graduation.cap.women.means you can share it with your children and make decisions with your better half. You don’t have to be the woman who lives completely based off of what her husband says, because she doesn’t know any better.

What about the highly educated woman? The one’s who have done all they can to achieve their professional goals and because of this, they may be more financially independent than some. Or their education has given them a job that keeps them constantly going. Either way, their busy and successful schedules have given them little interest in rushing out to find a husband. But, instead of being praised for their accomplishments, they are judged for being single. Considered to have something wrong with them-harsh personality or too invested in their job. Characteristics that would be considered a good thing if they were a man. No no no they are looked down on maybe even pitied by men and other women, because the intelligent and focused woman must be lonely, right?

No wonder women feel the need to find their future husbands in college. If they don’t they may end up like the poor, cold, lonely successful woman. But, if they only go to school for the social aspect, they miss out on gaining learned knowledge. So…what do they do? Women need to understand that it’s important to be educated in order to gain knowledge. And what they do with that knowledge is completely up to them, as long as they get it!

What does it mean to have knowledge? It’s not about being able to quote Shakespeare and solve intense mathematical equations. Being knowledgeable means having the tools needed to produce your own thoughts. Woman should be educated, not for the sole purpose of being powerful and successful. But, so that they can hold conversations, make decisions, and be able to support themselves if they needed to.