a member of the millennial generation I am constantly being asked, “What did you just say?” My parents have learned to pretty much tune out my generation-specific diction. Our slang words and popular trend of making every word a verb doesn’t transfer to everyone. I get it! Honestly, if I hadn’t been born into this generation I would think we were all crazy.

On behalf of every millennial out there, I have decided to form a list of words and phrases that we use the most. My hope is to help close the gap and possibly any confusion that may arise when talking to someone born between the 1980’s- 2000’s!

The struggle is realA “first world problem” that isn’t necessarily a “first world problem.”

Sentence: “I woke up late and didn’t have time to get coffee before class, could the struggle be any more real?”

I can’t even: When there aren’t words to describe a reaction or emotion.

Sentence: “I tripped walking up the stairs in front of everyone! OMG I can’t even.” 

FOMOA strong “fear of missing out.”

Sentence: “You guys are going out tonight? I can’t go, I am scheduled to work. Ughh I’m going to have to call in sick, I have serious FOMO.”

Sorry not sorry: When someone is telling you something that you couldn’t care less about because you aren’t going to change.

Sentence: “You think I stole your boyfriend? Well…sorry not sorry.

On FLEEKPut simply, looking great.

Sentence: “My outfit was on fleek last night!”

Bae: Something/someone that you put “before anything else.”

Sentence: “I am absolutely in love with him, he’s literally bae.”

SquadA group of incredibly loyal friends.

Sentence: “If you insult me, my whole squad will come at you.”

0 to 100 real fast: Going from a calm state to a crazy one in a matter of seconds.

Sentence: “Whoooaa you just went from 0 to 100 real fast, you need to calm down.”

No chill: The act of being reckless, uncool, and maybe even a little dramatic.

Sentence: “Did you hear the way he was yelling at that guy? He has no chill man.”

Goals: Something to aspire to.

Sentence: “Brian and Jamie took the cutest picture on the beach in Cancun. Those two are relationship goals.”