How Dating Changes As You Get Older

Dating can be a funny game. Do I call him? Should I wait for him to call me? It can be a challenge just to figure out how your personalities are going to mesh.

But as we get older and remain in the dating game, new elements get tossed into the mix that we never had to think about before.

When dating in your twenties the biggest factors were is it worth having a relationship during college, or will we even be in the same state after graduating?

Your both figuring out your careers and learning how to adult while still living care-free and looking to have a good time.

But as the roaring twenties come to a close, the thriving thirties come with a whole new set of tools we have to figure out like dating someone who is a parent or newly divorced.

Those can be scary new elements to think about when your biggest worry not long ago was do we both like the same beer?

Now it’s a matter of thinking about am I ready to help raise a child? The responsibility can be daunting, especially when you both are just simply seeing where this new relationship will even go.

Right off the bat each person has to decide what their limits are, and if they are willing to compromise and work with elements they’ve never had to work with before.

Although the Millennial generation is waiting to get married and have children later in life, the chances of meeting someone still remains. So the big question is, are you willing to date someone who has been married before, or who has a child?

And that’s not factoring in the lack of stability thirty-somethings have these days. Many Millennials are still living with their parents, are working minimum wage jobs, and struggling to make ends meet while trying to launch their careers.

What do we do moving forward? Perhaps just hold onto the reins and prepare for the ride. The wonderful thing about life is it works in funny and mysterious ways.

Go with your gut, trust your instincts, and when it fits you’ll know.

At least that’s what my married friends have told me. So something must have worked, right?