Three Steps to Find and Start Your Side Hustle Before the Year Ends

With unemployment levels at an all-time high and job security at an all-time low, finding new income streams seems more important than ever. If you’re one of the lucky ones that still have a job after the pandemic, you might not want to jeopardize it to start a full-time business. Well, you don’t have to.

Side hustles are an easy and low-commitment way to entertain the entrepreneur spirit in you without risking everything you have. We all have strengths and skills we can turn into a side hustle. Below are three steps to find and start your side hustle before the year ends.

Turn solutions into sales

If you’re thinking about starting a side hustle, it’s likely you already have an idea of what you want your product or service to be. If you don’t start with brainstorming ways you can offer solutions to everyday problems. What skills do you have that most people don’t? What can you offer potential clients that they would be willing to open their wallets for?

The reality is, we all have strengths that differentiate us from the masses. The key is getting creative with how you offer those strengths and how you can persuade your target market to purchase it.

Start with one sale

When I was starting my entrepreneur journey in 2017, I remember listening to a podcast that expressed the importance of making your first sale. I focused so much on the technicalities, like logo, brand colors, website, etc., that I forgot about making my first sale. It took a few months for that to happen, but once it did, I was enlightened about why that first sale was so important.

Not only does your first sale mean income, but it also means there’s a place in the market for what you’re offering. It’s best to discover that off the bat than five years down the road. For me, that first sale boosted my confidence like no other affirmations could. I still remember that first sale years later.

Stick to a schedule

As a mom, wife, and working professional, starting a side hustle didn’t seem like a good idea three years ago. I didn’t think I could find time to do all the things I wanted to do with my ideas. I later realized that it wasn’t a lack of time that kept me from starting the journey, but instead, it was a lack of routines and schedules.

If you want to ensure your side hustle doesn’t take over your life, make sure to create a schedule that works for you. Even one hour every day can get you started. Stop overthinking it.