How to Successfully Side Hustle

Looking for extra income, more experience, or an opportunity to focus some energy on your passion? A side hustle might just be the answer. While the term side hustle is relatively new, the idea of taking on extra work in addition to your full-time job has been around for ages. Surprisingly, more than 40 million Americans reportedly have a side hustle.

Though the extra money, experience, and enthusiasm seem like enough reason to get started on the new venture, it’s important to keep some things in mind. Taking on any additional responsibilities can take its toll. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to successfully side hustle. Below are five things to do to avoid burnout when side hustling.

Don’t neglect your full-time job

It’s easy to prioritize side hustles and leave your full-time job in the dust. I mean, it is a new venture, after all. However, it’s crucial to prioritize your full-time job during this journey. Full-time positions usually provide unmatched benefits like a salary, insurance, and PTO, things side hustles don’t. Remember to keep your full-time employer happy while to add extra responsibilities to your plate.

Try batch working

Batch working is one of my favorite hacks as a multi-passionate entrepreneur. I use batch working as a way to save time and energy when working on reoccurring tasks. Need to edit 10 articles a month? Why not conquer all the work in one day instead of dividing it into multiple sessions that tend to be more time-consuming?

Keep track of your time

Time tracking is a great way to oversee where your energy is going on a daily basis. If you want to add extra responsibilities to your plate, make sure you’re managing your existing tasks. Using your Google calendar is a free and visually pleasing way to track your time

Start small

Ready to conquer the world? Slow down. Burn out is very common among side hustlers, and it’s no surprise why. Working 40-hour weeks and then going home to complete other assignments can take its toll. Try side hustling by adding small tasks to your plate. Start by editing one article, booking one session, or blocking one hour of your time for side work.

Stay organized

There’s nothing worse than overbooking yourself, missing that important meeting, or misplacing the assignment that was due last week due to lack of organization. Staying organized is key to running a successful side hustle. Whether that means organizing physical paperwork, or organizing files and documents on your laptop, take some time to put everything in its place.