woman.angry.feature.Toxic friendships are all too common! But they are something we have all experienced, no matter how old we are. Your toxic friend could be someone you didn’t even know was toxic until just a few months ago…maybe even days. Your toxic friend may be the “friend” who you know you don’t like but you put up with because….oh, wait. Why do you put up with him/her again?

There has been a lot of conversation on Twitter recently about toxic friendships. People have been sharing the real reasons why they dropped their used-to-be-bestie and it’s gotten me wondering about my own toxic relationships. I have had to end friendships based off of numerous things. But, I want to hear from you right now. What made you say “enough is enough” with your own friendship?

  1. They were WAY too negative to each other. One little thing would set one of them off, and it’s like they would forget they had been friends the day before. I tried not to, but I would get sucked in to the problems these people had with each other. Once we all graduated I just stopped reaching out and we all drifted a part. Losing contact with them was really for the best.
  2. She kept making me feel like I needed to change. My friend would always suggest I change outfits whenever we went out. She would tell me to get a new hair style, new clothes, new glasses, etc. She made me feel like I wasn’t good enough to be her friend and I didn’t need that kind of person in my life.
  3. She would always talk about me behind my back. This girl used every opportunity she had to put my business on blast. If I told her something, our entire friend group would know about it no less than an hour later. A friend is someone who keeps your secret, not spreads it.
  4. She couldn’t communicate. I decided to live with one of my friends because I thought we would get along…I was wrong. She would constantly leave me little notes around the apartment telling me to do things. She would tell me to clean the fridge, clean my room, take out the trash, feed her dog, etc. I have no problem with keeping things tidy but the passive aggressiveness was too much to handle and I had to move out.