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I don’t partake in politics. Why? Mainly because I don’t want the confrontation. Sharing my opinion and being told that I am wrong. But not only that I am wrong; exactly why I am wrong attached to a list of facts and statistics. Because ( insert politician’s name here) is the best choice for America and deserves your full support. 

Freedom of speech– simply put, the right to speak freely. But it seems as if that right quickly diminishes once someone opens their mouth to share their opinion on a potential presidential candidate. You are either verbally attacked or secretly judged by the person whose opinion you don’t share. It makes you never want to share again! Anything to avoid the eye staring, fist clenching, and face turning red figure in front of you yelling about how “if this candidate wins America will be nothing but a memory.” It’s too much!

I know politics is a very serious thing– we are voting for someone to lead our country. But, does this mean it can only exTwo Women Talkingist as a grim topic, as something that has to be discussed by only the most abrasive personalities? The word “politics” is like taboo. You’re walking around not wanting to say something that will make someone go into a complete frenzy. Yes, this is about our economy, our health, our education…our future. Everyone should be talking about it. So, let’s make politics a topic everyone feels safe enough to discuss.

I have my opinion and you have yours. Some of our beliefs are like hand me downs; having been passed down from generation to generation. We may only believe something because we were raised to and now that we are older it has stuck with us. Or maybe you went against your parent’s ideologies and found new one’s for yourself. It doesn’t matter what you believe or why you believe it. People should do their best to accept instead of reject what other’s believe, in regards to their choice of political party… even if it doesn’t match up to their own thoughts.

If discussing politics in every day life could be done in a calmer manner then maybe more people would be interested. If we felt as if we could share our opinions, explore other’s, and gain more of an understanding; politics could become a welcomed topic in every day conversation. Wouldn’t that be nice?