It seems as if everyone has a story to share about a date that went horribly wrong. I am here to listen and share those stories with all of you! I have asked these particular storytellers if I could publish their tales and they agreed. So, here are two more dates filled with some of the most shocking types of people! Enjoy!

Couple“Sushi for Free”

When I was in college, this guy asked me out on a date. He was very good looking and seemed well liked by our mutual friends so I agreed to go out with him. He took me to a nice sushi restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas that he said was his “favorite spot.” The conversation was going great from the time he picked me up and all throughout dinner. I ordered a $13 roll and he ordered about three $13 rolls and 2 alcoholic beverages while I sipped on my water with lemon. After we were done eating I went to the bathroom. When I returned to the table I noticed the bill was sitting there. I thought maybe he was just in no rush and wanted to finish the rest of his drink before paying. His drink quickly dissolved but we kept sitting there…staring at one another… awkwardly. I finally offered to pay and he said “that would be great, I realized I left my wallet at home.”I paid for the over $50 bill and we left the restaurant.  He drove us back to campus and when he was getting out of the car to walk me to my dorm room I saw his wallet fall on the ground. He tried to cover it up by standing on the wallet and then quickly picking it up when he thought I wasn’t looking. But, I saw everything! He asked me on a date the next week and I didn’t respond. 

“Committing a Felony to get a Date”

So…this wasn’t a date I went on but it was one I was unfortunately a part of. My guy friend Daniel let me borrow his sweatshirt one Monday while we were walking back from class. On Tuesday, I told him I would bring it to class on Wednesday but he wasn’t there. It wasn’t a big deal…it wasn’t as if he was going to die if he didn’t get the sweatshirt back. I put the sweatshirt in the bottom of myannoyed.woman. sock drawer and then quickly forgot about it. On Saturday I get a text from Daniel saying “thanks for giving the sweatshirt to Molly to give to me.” I was shocked and automatically texted him saying that I didn’t give Molly anything. Molly (not her real name) was a girl who lived down the hall from me and my roommates dorm room. My roommate and I rushed to my drawer, opened it up and found that the sweatshirt was inevitably missing. I walked to Molly’s room and banged on her door. She opened the door a little too calm for my liking. I asked if she took the sweatshirt from my drawer and she said “yes.” I asked her if one of my roommates let her in (knowing full well they hadn’t) and she told me how she went outside our dorm room window, broke the lock, climbed in, and took the sweatshirt! I listened to her story, said nothing, and went back to my room. Crazzyy! The girl is absolutely insane! Daniel told me that he and Molly went on their first date Thursday night. During the date I guess he mentioned I had his sweatshirt and then Friday night on their second (and last) date he handed it to her. Talk about doing anything to impress your date!

What have we learned from these stories? Make sure the guy has his wallet before you get into the car…? Try not to live next to someone who has completely lost their marbles…? All reasonable thoughts! What do you think? Contact me with your best disaster date stories!