‘Pink Tax’ Forces Women To Pay More For Common Goods

When it comes to buying common necessities like razors, clothing, and hygiene products, women pay more than men do.

That’s right, and on certain items women pay up to 13 percent more, an increase that’s been dubbed the Pink Tax because of the color of the products that are directly marketed to women, according to USA Today.

The tax is nothing new, in fact it has been around for decades, and the fact that women still make less than their male counterparts is also nothing new, yet we spend an average of $1,351 more a year on our services and products.

Check out the breakdown below:

Clothing: Girls’ clothing costs 4 percent more than boys’ clothing, and women’s clothing costs 8 percent more than men’s.

Toys: Toys that are for girls cost 7 percent more than toys made and marketed for boys.

Personal hygiene products: Women’s personal care products cost 13 percent more than men’s personal care products. Items like razors, shaving cream, and deodorant all cost more money.

And let’s not forget the tax on tampons, a product women can’t get along without, or purchase the men’s version to save some money.

A few theories as to why women pay more than men is women’s services tend to be more labor intensive. Haircuts, for example, are one service women pay more for, and stylists say it’s due to the time and amount of product that goes into styling women’s hair.

But there are products, like shaving cream, that are priced higher when they are marketed specifically for women. The same basic ingredients in the same basic container yet women pay more.

Companies are being called out as more women learn about the Pink Tax, and as always you are encouraged to contact your state legislature and bring up concerns.

Hopefully we will not only see women making more money, but the Pink Tax become a bubble that finally pops.