Let’s be honest, upfront and downright blunt right now- I don’t like Trump.

I’m a journalist and I’m allowed to say that, why? I’m an entertainment journalist, I cover arts, theater and what I hope brings you to this site; feminism!

I love what I do, but my job is a niche that means not every journalist should be open about their views, especially of their in politics. Me? It’s fine, truly I believe that If I’m honest with you, my reader then we will establish a good enough foundation that you know you can trust me on a variety of my opinion based topics.

So why am I stressing? I’ve been open about my anti-Trump views- so much so that over the course of the election I was on several t.v’s news spots and radio programs talking as a feminist on Trump.

I was living large then, in my bubble of a Clinton campaign, anything was possible and my feminist ideas were protected and honored.

Now, on Election Day I’ve been asked back to speak on T.V, radio and other news platforms about my views now. I’m scared! I don’t really know what to say anymore, a first for me as a big mouth, blabber.

Truthfully I’m confused and stuck.

Before the election, I could talk about how racist Trump is, the awful things he’s said to and about women and his overall lack of respect for the position. Now? I don’t have a leg to stand on.

Those things have been swept under the rug and elected a man as president of the United States. Worse, I feel they have created a resurgence of views, which previous were not appropriate enough To say in public. No, those views were not suppressed or not there, they always have been, but now they’re allowed to be said no arguments- or risk being called a snowflake.

So what do I do? Stand up and fight every day, until I’m exhausted and where does that take me? My problem is that most Trump supported (generalizing) don’t listen anymore.

If I begin to talk about how wrong it is to touch a woman without consent it’s shot down. Talk about how amazing all religions that aren’t Christianity is? Shot down and so on.

I’m not sure if a conversation is possible, but I want it. I don’t truly believe everyone who voted for Trump believes what he preaches, but now they live in a world where disagreeing with those views rocks their boat and risks their social stature.

So when I go on T.V on the 20th I’m going to be a beacon of light for positive conversation. I will and always have been a feminist who loves calm conversation and sitting down with those who disagree with me, so that’s what I’ll continue to do.

Don’t stop talking friends, use your words and your emotion as your strength. If someone disagrees with you, talk to them, don’t argue sit down ask them out for coffee or tea and ask.

That’s why, When you see me on T.V on Election Day, I’ll be calmly asking “why”. Maybe then we can learn the “how, who and what” and prevent more hate in the future