Staycations are getting old, but for those of us still on a budget they are the best spring break option we have.

As a student and employee in the American workforce, I often find a conflict between my university’s spring break and the nonexistent vacations I receive at work.

Since I am not fortunate enough to have the opportunity, or the gas money for that matter, to drive to Lake Havasu, San Diego, Cabo, or any other spring break hub, I have had to learn to love the cities of Phoenix and Scottsdale in every way imaginable.

In the past my staycations have included attending the Phoenix Zoo, Butterfly Wonderland, and even the museums in the art district in downtown Phoenix. This year, however, these tried and true attractions are a little out of my reach. The admission fees are not something I can afford combined with the gas it takes to get to those places.

reading and relaxing for Spring BreakInstead of laying in my bed for a week straight, I have decided to have a Spring Break that is a break from my normal routine. I am giving myself a week to conquer tasks that I have been dreading, procrastinating, and planning on getting done. This probably doesn’t sound entirely appealing, after all Spring Break is a time to kick back and have a week long relaxation fest. My idea, though, is to gain the peaceful state of mind that has evaded me since winter break!

For example, I love reading, but I have not had any time to pick up my favorite books and reread them, let alone read a new book. The pleasure of reading is something I once treasured but now have had to put aside due to the required reading and working I’ve been doing. A day off of work where I just sit outside and read is one of the most valuable mind-vacations I can imagine.

Many people may have similar experiences, in that they would love to work out or go on a hike, but their work hours don’t permit it. I say, if you’re already planning on staying in town for this beautiful spring season, go ahead and use one of those vacation days to give yourself a much needed sense of accomplishment. Hike a mountain, watch a movie you’ve been hoping to see, plant that garden you’ve always dreamed of, or even spend a day with your family just bonding.

Use a few days this month to step back and resolve the problems that have been weighing on you but you have not had the opportunity to fix. Spring clean your life!

Although physically escaping is fun, it can be costly and you cannot always escape your state of mind. Treat yourself to a mental vacation and return to your busy life a little bit perkier. Your friends and colleagues may tell you about their beach vacation, but while they rub aloe on their sunburn, you can tell them about the wonderful things you’ve done for yourself.

Your vacationing associates will return to a hectic norm in a few days, but you will remain ahead of schedule in your personal and business life.