Author: Deb Lapmardo

Aspen, Colorado – Not Just Another Pretty Face

Aspen is the spirit of the Old West colliding with 21st Century luxury. The town began life as a rough and tumble silver mining camp, with far more saloons than churches, and a population of immigrants and adventurers out to strike it rich. A few did and most didn’t, but the entire town fell on hard times when the bottom fell out of the silver market. It didn’t revive until half a century later, when a wealthy businessman saw Aspen’s potential as an upscale ski resort and cultural oasis in the Rocky Mountains. The adventurers still flock to Aspen,...

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Surviving the Dreaded Detox through the Clear Change 10 Day Program

This is personal. Very personal. It’s about organs and bodily functions (ugh). But this is also a success story, so it has to be told! We’ve all heard or read about Cleansing or Detoxing, and it usually involves things like “purging,” “elimination,” and “discomfort.” But I recently challenged myself to complete what turned out to be a totally different type of Detox. There was no nasty purging or starving: it was eminently do-able and only occasionally annoying, and the medical results were frankly impressive. Here’s how it went. The Metagenics Clear Change 10 Day Program is a food-based detox. Instead...

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Road Trip to Wine Country: Santa Barbara County

Northern California has become the go-to American wine destination, but don’t be too quick to book your ticket to San Francisco International. Stardom has its downside in the Napa Valley, like crowds, traffic jams, and an increasingly corporate vibe to the tasting rooms. This isn’t the case in Santa Barbara County though! This region lies about 350 miles south of Napa, and offers a vastly different experience. The county’s wineries are scattered throughout quaint, small towns with plenty of local character. The area’s diverse micro-climates make it possible to grow premium cool-weather varietals such as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay,...

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What Wino’s Sip with Sushi

Thought you couldn’t find a wine that tastes great with Sushi? Think again! Even though wine is a decidedly Western tradition, the right selection can create a knock-out combination with Eastern food. Try experimenting with one of these great wine choices the next time you order up some Sashimi or your favorite Sushi Roll. The flavors on a Sushi menu run the gamut from light and buttery to pungent and earthy, but you can enhance almost any dish with a crisp, fresh white wine. The only white to steer clear of is Sauvignon Blanc — the strong grapefruit or...

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Women Pilots Take To The Air in Record Numbers

Piloting an aircraft is either exhilarating or terrifying, depending on your inclination. One thing, however, is for sure: Aviation has historically been a male-dominated world and women pilots were rare. But according to one flight school, the participation of women in flying is, pardon the expression, soaring. The number of women pilots has increased dramatically at Elite Flight Training in Scottsdale, Arizona. “For the first few years we were in operation, we had no female students. Now we have six women in the left seat,” says Chief Pilot Chuck Lapmardo. Why the sharp increase in female involvement in aviation?...

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Do I Still Have It?

“Do I still “have it?” Am I still the strong, capable, confident person that I used to be? Or am I sliding down the backside of life, less worthy because, and just because, I’m older?” Sound familiar? Sadly, it’s way too familiar in our youth-centric culture, although most of us are afraid to voice these doubts even to ourselves. Many of us in our 60s, 50s or even 40s have allowed the prevailing messages from the media, from employers, and even from our own family and friends to undermine our self-confidence and our sense of self-worth. But pay close...

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