Author: Jerny Rieves

Stop The Fear And Embrace Being Fabulous

Who do you know that is fabulous? Is it someone on TV or in a movie? Perhaps it’s someone you know who always seems to have on the best outfit, or knows the perfect thing to say. She’s smart, sexy, fun, and people love her. You can’t help but feel that ping of jealousy because she makes it look effortless. Surely you don’t belong to whatever club she’s joined. It’s normal to see women who seem to have it all together and quietly compare yourself to them. We have been conditioned to do it unconsciously from a very young age. They...

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Confessions Of A Self Improvement Junkie

In 2011, I picked up my first self help book. I spent 40-something years bouncing around in life, in and out of relationships, trying to keep my priorities straight, and losing sight of who I was. I had no compass and no sense of purpose. My kids were the only people keeping me grounded. I always based my self esteem on making others happy, but no one was happy, especially me. I felt like a complete failure and I knew something was wrong. I needed a change. I picked up a workbook that was popular at the time and...

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Jerny Rieves’ Rules for Eating: #10 Listen to Your Body

Shhhh! Hear that? It’s your body talking! If you have spent the time and effort on the first 9 rules of eating, the 10th one gets really easy. Listen to your body and become an intuitive eater. Over time, when we nourish our bodies with the appropriate foods in the appropriate amounts, we become very tuned in to what our bodies need at any given time. The previous rules are designed to guide you treat your digestive system with the respect it deserves. Our bodies are finely tuned instruments that can extract what nutrients we need and deliver them...

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Jerny Rieves’ Rules for Eating: #9 Stop the Emotional Eating Cycle

Rules for Eating: #9 Stop the Emotional Eating Cycle Food is not your friend. It is also not your enemy. It is fuel for the activities that lie ahead of you, and it helps re-fuel after depletion due to physical exertion and metabolic activity. Food was never intended to be a comfort or a companion… For thousands of years, humans experienced periods of famine, sometimes for months or years. The abundance of food was cause for celebration. This life cycle lead to a variety of rituals and gatherings associated with harvest and bounty, and therefore socialization and food have...

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Rules for Eating: Minimizing Portions – Turn the Elephant in the Room into a Mouse

The previous rules for eating have addressed the QUALITY of the food you eat, which is of primary importance, but now let’s take a look at QUANTITY. I would hope at this point that everyone knows that small meals regularly throughout the day are the key to sustained weight loss and maintenance.  Study after study has proven that the metabolism is happiest when the digestive system gets nourishment every three to four hours.  Notice I said nourishment, not food.  There is a lot of “food” out there that is toxic and of no nutritional value.  It will be immediately...

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