Author: Jerny Rieves

Have You Set Your Goals Today?

The blogs in this series are aimed at setting the stage for the mindset required to create the fabulous life you’ve always wanted. Once you have created your vision, and determined your ‘why,’ it is time to set concrete goals. As a life coach, and as someone who has created the life of her own choosing, I can assure you that setting goals is key. Taking control of your life requires structure and organization. Your ‘why’ translates into reality by following these next steps. Start with the ultimate vision. Write down clearly what you want and when you want...

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Embracing Change In Life

The only constant thing in life is change. As the ancient philosopher Heraclitus said, “You could not step twice into the same river.” Why do we fight it? At the fundamental level, our subconscious is always working to protect us. Doubt, procrastination, rationale, and excuses all stem from a fear of change based on a combination of self-limiting beliefs set forth in childhood, along with fear of the unknown. In other words, it’s a natural reaction to keep ourselves away from harm based on an ancient brain. Change, however, is what separates us from the pack. If your goal...

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The Six C’s Toward A Fabulous You

You are making positive changes and committed to creating the life of your dreams. As discussed in article two, there are going to be some potholes and detours, and minimizing them will be key to your success. Here is a list C’s to avoid and embrace while navigating and executing your plan to becoming the best version of yourself. The three C’s to avoid: Comparison: Under no circumstances should you waste valuable effort and mental energy comparing yourself to others. You have been wonderfully woven together for purpose and contribution to the world. Your journey is special and important....

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Embrace Being Fabulous

Congratulations! You have made the decision to step into your power and embrace being fabulous. As discussed in our first article, making the decision is the first step. Like any trip you take, you will need to pack some things for the ride. The journey toward a more fabulous you will be ridden with detours called distractions, and potholes known as life. The more prepared you are, the smoother and shorter the ride will be. The final destination? Your best version of you! Here are four things to pack before you get on your way: Your vision It’s amazing...

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Stop The Fear And Embrace Being Fabulous

Who do you know that is fabulous? Is it someone on TV or in a movie? Perhaps it’s someone you know who always seems to have on the best outfit, or knows the perfect thing to say. She’s smart, sexy, fun, and people love her. You can’t help but feel that ping of jealousy because she makes it look effortless. Surely you don’t belong to whatever club she’s joined. It’s normal to see women who seem to have it all together and quietly compare yourself to them. We have been conditioned to do it unconsciously from a very young age. They...

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Confessions Of A Self Improvement Junkie

In 2011, I picked up my first self help book. I spent 40-something years bouncing around in life, in and out of relationships, trying to keep my priorities straight, and losing sight of who I was. I had no compass and no sense of purpose. My kids were the only people keeping me grounded. I always based my self esteem on making others happy, but no one was happy, especially me. I felt like a complete failure and I knew something was wrong. I needed a change. I picked up a workbook that was popular at the time and...

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