Author: Jessica Lizza

DISCONNECT! Featuring: The Great Outdoors

The great outdoors. Under-appreciated and experienced through the Travel Channel, at least when it comes to tropical islands and eating weird food. But, believe it or not there was a time when there was not a television to bring the exotic lands to the comfort of your living room. We didn’t watch people living our dreams…ahem Andrew Zimmern…if you wanted to see something you went and did it. Now of course traveling to far off places is not in everyone’s budget. As a college student, The Travel Channel and Thai food are about as far as I can get....

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E-Cigs Are They Really Better?

Cigarettes. They have been around since the dawn of time it seems and in many different ways. E-cigs are relatively new twist to the old habit. It has gone from being this fabulous hobby, advertised in a very elite fancy way, to an abomination, advertised in a horrifying and nightmarish way. We all know that cigarettes have seriously harmful chemicals in them, for what reason people voluntarily start we may never know. While I will never condemn someone for an addiction, because we all have battles in life, there seemed to be an alternative on the rise. Or so...

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My Sewing Machine and Me

Sewing was something I was destined to do, it’s my passion! I developed an interest in middle school but I didn’t get my first sewing machine until college. An old Singer from a thrift store was my first machine and most days I wish I still had it. I can remember my very first step on that pedal and I still have the first quilt I ever made with it. When that old Singer finally became unusable, I got a brand new one. It was literally called Simple Singer and I loved it. However, when quilting became tedious and I...

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Stop those Sugar Cravings

Sugar is a guilty pleasure in almost everyone’s life. Though I eat pretty healthy I won’t deny that after my car accident I justified eating eight donuts in one day because of my “bad mood.” After that day was done I not only blamed my boyfriend for insisting I buy a dozen donuts, but I also blamed my thoughts. I thought that food, sugar specifically, would alter my bad mood and make me feel better. I know that when it’s my time of the month I definitely find myself eating more chocolate than I normally would. Sugar-CravingsWe all know...

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Men and Women: We’re not that different

Whenever I open a magazine I often find tips on how to make men happy, or they feature girls talking about what they want in a relationship. These are definitely fun to read but do they actually help us? The world paints a picture that men and woman are so different and that they will never understand each other. While this is true, I think it is for very different reasons. How many times do you talk to your best friend and wonder why she is doing something? Or even when you were little and your parents said no to...

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What IS a Shar Pei?

Whenever I have told anyone that I have Shar Peis, I get one of two answers.  It’s either I have never heard of that before or, “OH! One of those wrinkly dogs!”  Why yes, you are correct, my dogs do have wrinkles abound but they are so much more.  Also, those wrinkles aren’t as soft as you might think. The first day I spotted Oscar and Lola, almost six years go now, in a little pen outside a swap meet waiting to be scooped up is a day that I will not forget. Practically in tears from having a...

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