Whenever I open a magazine I often find tips on how to make men happy, or they feature girls talking about what they want in a relationship. These are definitely fun to read but do they actually help us? The world paints a picture that men and woman are so different and that they will never understand each other. While this is true, I think it is for very different reasons. How many times do you talk to your best friend and wonder why she is doing something? Or even when you were little and your parents said no to what you thought was a great idea? You didn’t understand their motives did you? That is because everyone is different, we all have different reasons for our actions and different requirements for our relationships based on past experiences. So how on good relationshipsearth could a list tell you exactly how to fix your relationship or make you appeal to a certain person? The list is not going to give you an answer or solution. The only person who can do that is the person you are interested in and the only way to get that answer is if you ask. So, I took it upon myself to ask a few men what they think a good relationship needs, just to get some ideas and prove they aren’t nearly as intimidating as some people think!

Max-23 “Honesty is my biggest thing. I never did believe that opposites attract, but that is huge with my girlfriend and me. She is so optimistic and adventurous and I’m pessimistic and terrible at thinking of things to do. People are going to need to work with each other to make things work, it can’t be a one-way street. Being able to have an amazing time no matter what you’re doing as long as it’s together. Communication and respect are a big as well. If you can’t respect or trust someone it will never work.”

Tyler-24 “Honest communication, growth and improvement as individuals and a couple. Trying new things like spontaneous traveling! Some spicy intimacy as well, can’t forget that!”

Sean-22 “Being friends, if you can be friends with someone as well as be in love with them you have a perfect package. Also, if you communicate well your relationship will stay in a good place.”

Ricky– 23 “A couple that lifts together, stays together.”  (I kept this for the humorous value, but I also think this was an example of having similar hobbies/interests, just not in so many words.)

Ryan– 23 “Communication, 100 percent.”

Louie– 23 “Communication.”

It’s interesting, after talking to these guys I noticed some similarities between their answers and answers you will get out of most women. Men and women are humans, people that want things and most of the time want companionship. Their behavior as men and women are always going to be different, and you’re never going to understand anyone fully who isn’t you. Quite honestly, I don’t even understand myself most days. What is important to know is that couple sitting in grasswhen it comes to relationships, even though I only listed 6 quotes, is that people want the same things. Talk it out when you have an issue instead of letting it fester and poison something good. Don’t be afraid to ask a question when you need honesty. If someone is not giving you the respect you deserve or doesn’t have the same values as you, it’s time to find someone who does because there are plenty out there.