man.woman.talking.If men could truly and deeply understand something about women, what would you want it to be? Here are the most similar answers I received by real women, like you!

  1. We LOVE Romance…ignore the girl who says she isn’t a romantic. She is, she just might not know it yet. Or worse, she hasn’t had a guy show her any.
  2. You need to know yourself…a woman wants a man who knows who he is. Don’t think a woman wants someone who simply followers her cues and does whatever she says. That can be nice sometimes but a man without a backbone isn’t very attractive.
  3. Showing emotion doesn’t mean you’re weak…cry, laugh, smile, and SHARE WHAT YOU ARE THINKING! There is nothing wrong with putting on a brave face but that mask has to come down every once in a while. Women want to know that men can be just as emotional as they are.
  4. We want you to make time…Everyone is busy. Work, school, and life can get hectic but it’s important to make time for the people you care about, especially if that person is your girlfriend/fiance/wife.
  5. Games are not fun… Who ever said games were fun? Maybe when we were in high school…? News Flash! High school is over and no one has time to play “hard to get” all of the time. We want a man who knows what he wants and goes for it.
  6. Women are not perfectMen should not think of women as just these perfectly put together creatures. We have bad days, get angry, gain weight, break out, and spend our fair share of time on the toilet too!
  7. Space or closeness…Knowing when women want space and when they just want to be left alone can be incredibly difficult.
  8. We don’t dress for them…Women don’t always dress up simply to get the attention of a man. We dress up for ourselves because sometimes clothes and makeup can boost our confidence. So don’t rush us to get ready faster, no matter where we are going. We want to look our best because looking our best makes us feel good! Feel free to compliment us though!

If this list shows what women want men do know about them, I wonder what sort of list it would be if I asked men what they wanted to understand about women?