Don’t Quit Your Job Before Asking Yourself These Questions

There are countless reasons why employees choose to leave their nine to five. Whether you’re looking for higher pay, more flexibility, or new challenges, quitting your day job shouldn’t happen without major reflection.

If you’re ready to call it quits and move on from your current position, there are a few things you should contemplate first. Below are some questions you should ask yourself before quitting your job.

Can the problems be solved easily?

When I look back on difficult times in my life, I often contemplate how I could have resolved issues differently. Whether it was in an argument, financial struggle, or career change. While some reasons for quitting a job can’t be easily resolved, some problems can. Before abruptly sending a resignation email to your boss, contemplate whether somethings can be done to make things better in your current role. You’d be surprised how easily things can change if you request it properly.

Do I have an exit strategy?

Humans are emotional beings. Sometimes, we react to things in a way we quickly regret, and quitting your job can be one of them. While you’re entitled to your decision, it shouldn’t come without prior planning and preparation. Before quitting your job, make sure you have a well thought out exit strategy that can set you up for success. Establish a clear map for how you plan to leave your position and where you foresee yourself going next.  

Can I afford to quit?

Creating a safety net for yourself and your household is essential before resigning from your current position. Remember that while you might gain some freedom and flexibility, you’ll lose out on benefits like pay and insurance. If you want to quit but can’t afford it yet, think about how you can start saving for that cushion. It’s the mature and responsible thing to do.

Will this decision improve my quality of life?

When I left my corporate job in 2017, I knew I was making the best decision for myself and my family. While that job allowed me to provide for my family, it was draining my energy and passion. I found myself getting home unhappy and unsatisfied too many days in a row. I knew that to live a more fulfilled life, I had to move on. Although I lost a lot when I left (salary, routines, feeling valued), I also gained a lot (freedom, flexibility, fulfillment). This is a great time to make a list of pros and cons and decide which decision allows you to live your best life.

Does quitting make sense in the long run?

I believe every career move gets you a step closer to your end goal. Not all jobs are created equal, so it’s up to us to decide whether staying in that position makes sense in the long run. Spend some time thinking about whether quitting your current position makes sense for your future. Every situation is different, and a lot relies on your goals and needs. It’s up to you to decide whether this risk is worth taking.