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Lions and Tigers and – No Just Monsters… Oh My!

Surreal Sister Photography illustrate their experience at Mesa’s Monsterland Restaurant / Bar / Haunted House

Lions and tigers_No just monsters_Oh My_Surreal Sister_Photography

If you are a Halloween lover like us, you will understand how amazing it is that Monsterland, the once premiere seasonal haunted house/museum in Mesa, AZ is now open for business as a bar  and grill year round!  Having just had their grand opening in April, on Friday the 13th, they are already flourishing with an online presence.

Surreal Sister PhotographyWe were lucky enough to get a private tour of not only the restaurant and bar area but also the basement, where they have their seasonal Halloween haunted houses in October.

Surreal Sister Photography





From replicas of werewolves featured in the movie American Werewolf in Paris, to actual props from the movie 300, this place goes above and beyond to give you an authentic experience. It is so much more than just going out to get a meal or a drink.  It is truly an exceptional adventure.  Surreal Sister PhotographyEven people not so into horror movies will be impressed by this venue.  And the restaurant area isn’t too scary for kids either!

Locally owned and family run, the restaurant is family friendly until 9pm, when it then becomes a 21 and over bar.  The maze, props, and staging set such an incredible atmosphere you can’t help but look around and constantly find something new popping out at you!

Surreal Sister Photography



The staff was incredibly kind, helpful, and enthusiastic about their place.  They made us feel right at home (a very scary home), and they are doing such an incredible job with weekly scheduling of all sorts of creative and fun events to please everyone.  Surreal Sister PhotographyAn element of culture this city is really starving for.  To me one of the most impressive things in the restaurant area was the band stage elevated on a balcony of castle walls far above the crowd.  The bands apparently always dress to impress according to whatever themed event is going on and guests wearing costumes are always welcome and applauded.

Surreal Sister Photography






The art and culture they are bringing to Arizona, and mostly the valley, is beyond words, and I am so thrilled to see such a great idea come to pass. We did not want to leave.

They even offer bottle service in their impressive VIP room complete with a life size alien from Alien vs Predator.

Surreal Sister PhotographyThis is one of the most unique places we have found in the valley, east or west, and I think anyone and everyone needs to check it out.  For a scary good time…. come to Monsterland!!


Surreal Sister PhotographySurreal Sister PhotographySurreal Sister PhotographySurreal Sister PhotographySurreal Sister Photography

Surreal Sister Photography

Surreal Sister PhotographySurreal Sister Photography

Surreal Sister Photography

Surreal Sister PhotographySurreal Sister Photography

Surreal Sister PhotographySurreal Sister PhotographySurreal Sister PhotographySurreal Sister Photography

Article and Photos by Surreal Sister
Hair and makeup by Abraham Herrera



Model: Renee Turtoro
Styling : Cyndie Turtoro

Fresh events Design and Decor




Author: Surreal Sister Photography

Once upon a time, long ago, and also relevant to the present, there were two sisters.  Growing up in the barren desert of Arizona (well suburbs mostly, but cacti was still prolific) they set out to create their own world; One in which fantasy and dreams are built on.

They were raised by an eccentric father who introduced them to horror films at a young age and taught them to think creatively in all aspects of life, and an incredibly grounded mother who always had good sense and taught them how to work with what resources they had and to get the most out of any budget.

Surreal Sister photography

“Anything from weddings and portraits, to avant-garde editorial photo shoots, we have done it all.  Our true love behind the lens is simply to be able to capture the memories of a lifetime for someone.  The people we meet from all walks of life are what shape this incredible adventure as photographers.  We wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

“Welcome to our column, where we can hopefully share some of these experiences with you.”

– Rachel & Elisha of Surreal Sister Photography. 

Surreal Sister:  Our Adventures Through the Lens.

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