Eating shouldn’t be complicated!  There is so much information available on what to eat, when to eat, what not to eat, cleanse, don’t cleanse, what celebrities do, what your neighbor does…it’s overwhelming.  Confusion is understandable, but it is also avoidable.

This series will focus on the reality of the diet (which is not a dirty four letter word, but a basic necessity of life.)

Introducing “Rules for Eating” exclusively for Smart Fem subscribers:

Rule #1 Spend more money on food.

Yes, I just said that.  I find it sad that we spend more on a purse or a pair of shoes than on groceries, don’t you?  Our basic fundamental need for nutrition is superseded by our desire to obtain inanimate objects and fun.  Think about it.  Last time I checked, being healthy IS fun, and all your clothes look great, regardless of where you buy them.

VegetablesYour physical health and well-being is directly impacted by your dietary choices.  Period.  Spending more on organic, healthy, all-natural products, and less money on eating out, crap from vending machines, and alcohol at the local bar equals better health.

Whine all you want about the price of healthy food or high quality nutritional supplements, after you have examined your monthly expenses on entertainment and luxury items.  If your priorities are backwards, you really aren’t in a position to cry about your health, your weight, or your dress size.

MP900305770We are the only nation in the world that spends an average of 10% or less of our income on food.  As the highest priority in life after clean drinking water, why is it that we grab the first thing that looks like food and shove it in our mouth without ever tasting it or reading a label to see what it actually is?

The obesity epidemic is a problem.  Our problem.  The top three deadly diseases are totally avoidable.  Your healthcare costs are rising in direct relation to the way this country eats.  Take a good, hard look at how your money is spent.  Re-allocate funds, and redirect your priorities.  Feeding your family garbage so that you can afford the $400/month car payment just ain’t right.

Jerny Rieves, cscs, pes, ces, health education - health educator - Scottsdale