Five Beauty Products to Keep at Your Work Desk

After working from home for over a year now, I’ve mastered the skill of keeping all the handy things on my work desk. From sticky notes to my water bottle, some items are more important than the next, especially those beauty products that save the day when I need a little bit of TLC.  

We spend the majority of our days glued to our desks. Luckily, some items help us look and feel good during busy days. Below are five products to keep at your work desk.

Lip balm

If you spend the majority of your day sitting, talking, and not drinking as much water as you should be, keeping a lip balm at arm’s reach is critical. Keep your lips smooth and moisturized during your busy day without the excuse of not having the opportunity to get up from your desk to grab one.


For those unexpected meetings you didn’t have time to get “ready” for, a good lipstick can help polish your look in 15 seconds or less. For a natural look, keep a nude lipstick that can help you feel good without an over-the-top feel. If you’re going for a bold look without the time commitment, a classic bold lipstick will transform your vibe in a flash.

Hand sanitizer

No matter how many times we wash our hands and disinfect surfaces, our workstations are still filled with germs that we sometimes can’t tackle. I love keeping a small bottle of hand sanitizer on my desk to apply whenever I need a quick clean without leaving my workspace. Keeping your hands clean is essential to your overall self-care, as touching your face with dirty hands can lead to breakouts.

Hand lotion

All that hand-washing and hand sanitizer use can dry your hands. That’s why hand lotion is an essential item on my desk. I especially love a lotion infused with essential oils, as they help me de-stress and stay energized during a long and hectic workday.

Cuticle oil

While hand lotion will help keep your hands moisturized, your nails and cuticles might need some extra love, especially during the cold winter months. I love keeping a tiny bottle of cuticle oil on my desk because it instantly helps me feel my hands feel polished and moisturized for a long day of typing.