Making Your Wardrobe Smaller: Intro to Minimalism

Wardrobe spring cleaning is approaching! Spring cleaning, to fashionistas, is the time of year where we rid ourselves of the fast fashion of the fall. But what if we never had to spring clean our closets again?

The minimalism movement is slowly gaining popularity in the United States. It’s about to break into the mainstream. Minimalism is a lifestyle that brings everything back to basics. It reduces the human need to be excessive and results in a simpler life. Many people who dedicate themselves to minimalism take it to every aspect of their lives. From food shopping and living spaces, to fashion, minimalism is an interesting perspective on living better.

Intro to MinimalismWhen it comes to minimalism in fashion, it seems surface level and simple, but when you take a step back and look at how many items of clothing you actually wear in a week, things can get complicated.

Personally, I have a full closet, set of drawers, and a rack full of jackets. It is safe to say I have a full wardrobe for every season. This is something I’m trying to get away from, as I know wearing something once a year is silly. I will see these gorgeous bedrooms on Pinterest with no closet in sight, but a simple rack with 10 or fewer items hanging off of it fashionably.

Drastically reducing your wardrobe takes time, but a good starting point is to look at what you have and go from there. Ask yourself these questions:

How many times do I wear this during the year?

Does this have sentimental value to me?

Why am I holding on to this when I haven’t worn it?

Asking yourself these questions can help you develop a plan and a starting point for beginning your minimalist journey.