Dog Flu Is Real, How To Spot It

The flu is no fun regardless of if you are a human or a dog. That’s right, your furry friend can also get the flu.

Known as canine influenza, according to Today, the dog flu is a highly contagious influenza that can affect both dogs and cats, and the viral infection is spreading quickly this flu season.

Predominantly spread throughout dog parks, the canine flu shows similar signs as the human flu. Coughing, sneezing, lethargy and fever are all typical symptoms of the flu and are easily left undetected.

People often misinterpret the symptoms for a lazy or tired dog, but these symptoms are often the result of the viral infection.

Much like other viral infections, the canine flu is an airborne illness. That means if your pet is a frequent visitor of dog parks, doggy daycare, groomers or weekend boarding facilities, they are at risk for catching the flu.

The good news is the flu is rarely deadly and cannot be spread to humans. With a simple vet visit the canine flu is easily treated with medication.

However, the American Veterinary Medical Association recommends all pet owners to get their furry friend vaccinated with the canine flu shot, especially if they run a high risk of catching the virus.

Another way to help prevent the spread of the flu is to keep your pet away from certain places where it can be easily contracted, especially if there have been reports of dogs coming down with the virus.

Also, keeping a close eye on your pet for any symptoms, and checking in with your vet to make sure vaccines are current and up to date is another great way to help protect your pet from the canine flu and other viruses.