Casual Activities to Sharpen Your Socializing Skills Post-Pandemic

It’s been nearly two years since the COVID-19 pandemic turned our lives upside down. It seemed like from one day to the next, we were forced to stay home, quarantined from society, and be very selective of who we let into our social circle. As an introvert, the idea of isolation didn’t scare me as much as the thought that one day, I would be forced back into networking and socializing.

If you’re like me, then isolation took a hit to the personal skills you worked so hard to achieve. Below are five casual activities you can try to sharpen your socializing skills post-pandemic.

Connect on social media

One of the easiest ways to rip the networking band-aid is by taking advantage of the digital tools at your disposal. Many of us spend our days scrolling on a variety of platforms. Why not use that time to create new and meaningful connections? A simple private message introducing yourself can go a long way.

Meet up for coffee

If the idea of a large networking event intimidates you (I don’t blame you), then a one-on-one coffee date is a great solution to breaking the tension. This coffee date doesn’t have to be with a stranger if you don’t feel comfortable doing that either. Reconnecting with an old friend or acquaintance can also help sharpen your socializing skills and get you reading for something bigger.

Attend a small event

If you’re ready to take the plunge and attend an event, many smaller options can be a lot less intimidating and easier to navigate. Whether it’s a soft opening of a new business, a friend’s party, or a private event, use these opportunities to practice your people skills.

Sign up for a workshop

One of my favorite ways to meet new people and do some light networking is during workshops. I love learning new tips, tricks, or skills, and knowing that the other guests are there for the same thing makes the idea of networking a lot less daunting and intimidating.

Schedule playdates

If you’re a mom, scheduling playdates with your child’s friends is a great way to sharpen your socializing skills while your child sharpens their own. One of the great things about playdates among kids is that you already have something in common with the other adults – you are parents! Use that as conversation icebreakers, but don’t be afraid to expand your conversations to anything outside the parenthood subject.