Do These Five Things Before Going to Bed Every Night

The secret to a productive and successful day often lies in the foundation we set the night before. A good night’s sleep and a rested mind are essential to getting the most out of your day, and achieving that is simpler than you might think.

There’s more to a bedtime routine then simply brushing and flossing your teeth. Below are five things you should do before going to bed every night.

Tidy your space

One of the last things any of us want to do after a long day is take the time to clean and tidy our space. However, even a five-minute clean-up session can make a big impact on your night and the next morning. Going to bed knowing my home is clean is extremely relaxing, and waking up to a clean space helps me start the day feeling refreshed and productive.  

Make a list

Sometimes, even the smallest tasks on our minds can keep us from getting a good night’s rest. That’s because we’re taking mental notes throughout the day and hoping we don’t forget about them the next morning. Instead of keeping mental notes, try getting those thoughts into a physical form instead. I like to keep a stack of sticky notes nearby to write my to-do list for the next day.


Scrolling through our phones at the end of the day has become second nature for most of us. Whether it’s browsing through emails, news, or social media, these updates can have a greater impact on our sleeping habits than we may think. If you’re looking to build healthy bedtime habits, try putting away all electronics at least 30 minutes before bed.


Our minds are constantly busy with thoughts, assignments, and endless to-do lists. Sometimes, no matter how physically and mentally exhausted we are, it can be difficult to fall and stay asleep. It is likely because your mind is still busy processing all the emotions of the day. To combat this, try a nightly guided meditation. Even a five-minute session can help you relax and prepare for a good night’s sleep.

Practice gratitude

Our busy and often overwhelming days can make us forget all that we should be grateful for. Whether it’s your family’s health, home, or job security, there are countless things we could all be grateful for every day. This simple trick can help you boost your mood, motivation, and overall life fulfillment. The best part? It only takes a few minutes out of your nighttime routine.