Mark Sephton is a radio host, author, and professional mentor to entrepreneurs. His new book, “Inside Job,” gives strategies on how to live your life with intention, while challenging readers to become their very best versions of themselves. In an interview with SmartFem, Mark explains how powerful the written and verbal words are.

SmartFem: Mark, could you begin by telling us about yourself?

Mark: I have a radio show called Talk Business on Radio Plus Coventry in the UK, and I’m a regular contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine. I mentor entrepreneurs and work with a number of international clients and have a series of Masterminds. My grandfather instilled in me my love of entrepreneurship when I was very young. I really thrive on working with entrepreneurs and challenging them. I have a natural ability to connect and relate to people and have turned it into a business. I help my clients tap into their heads and hearts so they can overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.   

SmartFem: What are some of the most common challenges you see from entrepreneurs?

Mark: There seems to be three recurring themes with most of the entrepreneurs I speak with.  They struggle with confidence, focus and loneliness. A lot of entrepreneurs I work with are solopreneurs and it can be very isolating at times. Confidence comes from being physically and mentally prepared for something. Focus is really about drilling down and defining who you are and what you want. Asking for help is crucial for entrepreneurs, especially when they are just starting out.

SmartFem: Tell us a little about your new book, “Inside Job.”

Mark: As a mentor and speaker I am limited to the people I speak to. The book allowed me to touch people and markets who I may not have an opportunity to speak with. I am passionate about the power of language and how it affects us. “Inside Job” comes from a place of vulnerability and is quite honest. I share my stories of success and failure, and teach people how powerful words are. I wanted to be able to help people who may not have the opportunity to work with me.

SmartFem: What are three tips you would give a new entrepreneur?

Mark: Listening is a skill people need to tap into again. Listen to the problems your clients are having. My second tip would be to find a solution to an existing problem that affects millions, instead of a handful of people. Lastly, I think people need to learn to say ‘No.’ We say yes and not only overwhelm ourselves, but end up doing things that don’t take you where you want to go.

SmartFem: Where can people get your book, “Inside Job”?

Mark: People can go to Amazon, or to my website