group of girlsI am not a parent but if working with kids has taught me anything it’s that…it’s not easy being a parent. There is no guide book of 100% accuracy. No step by step procedure that results in the perfect child. Parents have to figure it out as they go and make decisions by using their own life experiences, advice, and thoughts. Because of this, there are many different opinions on what children should and shouldn’t do. One idea that carries unalike beliefs is if children should be able to have sleepovers with their friends. Let’s talk about it!

Growing up, my parents never seemed to mind if I slept over at a friends house. To be honest, I never really wanted to. There was something way more enjoyable about being in my own bed with my own stuff and not having to squish into a room filled with girls. Luckily, my parents never had to really think about whether they were comfortable with me constantly spending the night at a friends. This isn’t always the case! I asked a few parents I know how they feel about their children partaking in slumber parties and some of their answers surprised me.

“I would much rather my child have a few friends spend the night over at my house. That way I can make sure everything is how it should be…”

“I don’t mind them sleeping over at a friends house, if I know the family well…”

“I would never let my kids sleepover at someone else’s house because you can never really know a person. What if the family has an uncle who is a little too interested in helping my daughter change into her pajamas. My kids can hang out at their friends houses, but when it’s time to change into pajamas, they need to come on home…”

“They can spend the night, but I want them to call me before they go to bed…”

I would rather have my child sleep at home so I can make sure they aren’t doing anything they shouldn’t be doing…”

It seems parents would much rather have their child with them than with someone else. This makes sense because then parents would really be able to make sure their child is safe and happy. The world can be an ugly place where anything can happen;  it could be a scary thought to have your child out of your sight for as short as a second. As parents have been told…it’s important to trust your child and let them grow. But, does that mean they should be sleeping over at their friends house every weekend? Parents- what do you think?