Tech Tools to Keep Your Family Organized and On Schedule

Balancing our personal and professional lives is no easy task, especially when managing multiple schedules and to-do lists. Keeping track of chores, activities, and projects for the entire family can be a scary undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. Lucky for you, there are free and user-friendly apps to help keep your family organized and on top of busy schedules.

The secret to an organized life is in the palm of your hand. Below are four free tech tools to keep your family organized and on schedule.

Google Calendar

When it comes to keeping an organized and well-managed planner, there’s no better digital tool than Google Calendar. The free resource makes it easy to create events, reminders, and reoccurring tasks. Google Calendar also makes it easy to time block your days based on your top priority assignments.

Remember the Milk

If your to-do list is taking up valuable space in your head, it’s time for a much-needed upgrade. Remember the Milk is a free and easy-to-use app that helps you keep all of your tasks and reminders in one convenient space. No task is too big or small for the app. Whether you want to remind yourself to grab milk at the grocery store or follow up with a client next week, the app makes it easy to stay on track.

Good Notes

One of my favorite things to do with my family is to set goals and make plans for the upcoming months. Unfortunately, those cool ideas and fun plans can sometimes slip through the cracks when the notes get lost, are accidentally thrown away, or are mistakenly deleted from your files. Good Notes makes it easy to create and save your personal and family notes in one safe place.


For families juggling extracurricular activities, appointments, and school events, there’s no better app than Cozi. Cozi makes it easy to see your family’s upcoming schedule at a glance. The free app allows you to color-coordinate events for each individual, making it easy to stay on top of everyone’s responsibilities and commitments.

How does your family stay organized and on schedule?